>Call from the other side

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Uncategorized


A voice said, “Cyanide or Hemlock?”
Just like we ask a guest, “Tea or Coffee?”
I replied, “No, thanks, I prefer to live”
The voice announced, “It’s time;
Wave bye to life
And drink this potion of death”.

I questioned, “But why?”
The man laughed and answered,
“I collect souls;
You have been asked to give yours.”

Sadly I nodded my tired head;
For the very last time,
Me and my helpless eyes
Looked out the window;

Life outside seems like…
Golden sunshine on a butterfly’s back;

Slowly I raised my heavy feet
And followed a mysterious shadow,
The shadow of all shadows;
The shadow where life terminates;
The shadow of a dark, pale curtain;
The shadow they called “death”!


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